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News 28 Nov 2014I started a new lawsuit, for the manipulation of silver and platinum, against Anshu Jain and most the biggest Forex manipulators. Proof of Deutsche Bank's fake gold manipulation audit is available by clicking the evidence link at the bottom of the page.
News 14 Nov 2014The hearing was held on the 11th at 2.00pm, in Fitschen's absence, and the conclusion of the judge is expected on the 5th of December. Meanwhile UBSis fined for gold price manipulation and the Swiss regulator claims that there is evidence that silver is more heavily manipulated than gold. More banks have been sued for forex manipulation, and George Osborne has given a blank cheque to the Serious Frauds Office to investigate Forex manipulation. Is it game over for the gold price manipulators?
News 23 Sept 2014Fitschen charged with fraud!

News 20 Sept 2014A case against the defence was written, by me, and translated and sent to the court.
News 14 Sept 2014The defence for the case against Herr Fitschen, CEO of Deutsche Bank, was received on Friday. My response is imminent.
News 8 Sept 2014The platinum manipulation case against HSBC has progressed further. Now HSBC and I have both returned the Directions Questionnaire back to the Courts of Central London. HSBChave asked that the case be dismissed...for  no good reason...but they did ask for it to be settled in the next 30 days, which is fine by me.

News 7 Sept 2014The gold manipulation case against Juegen Fitschen, CEO fo Deutsche Bank is due to be heard at the Frankfurt Courts on the 11th November 2014. Watch this space for further updates.
News 25 August 2014The platinum manipulation case against HSBC is well under way. The case A01CL878 was submitted to the Royal Courts of Justice, Central London, some time ago, and HSBC have posted their defence. A proper civil hearing should occur soon.

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A Campaign by Mark Anthony Taylor

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Quantitative Easing is the policy of giving access to free money to the banking system in exchange for bad debts. Thus while the banks are promised steady revenue to cover their reckless and corrupt lending, the people get junk, worthless paper, in return. As interest rates rise, the currency trapped in these QE accounts will be turned into currency units, treasury bonds. 

The great weight of interest on these bonds will impose a huge inflation over the next decades, as money will have to be printed to cover the repayments. Even if the system does not collapse over a cliff, we will see inflation in the West in excess of 10% a year, every year, until the bonds expire. If the government reneges on its QE obligations we will see a deflationary collapse. Otherwise hyperinflation. Deflationary collapse, as in Weimar, almost invariable precedes hyperinflation, so whatever the edicts, we are facing the destruction of all paper currencies. 

Governments have therefore plotted and instituted a devastating drop in the standard of living of the greater populace. Instrumental in keeping the system running as long as they can is the manipulation of alternatives to paper instruments, particularly the precious metals. Without such manipulation everyone with any perception would be bailing out of the inflating paper currencies and into something that cannot be printed. That manipulation is done secretly is bad enough, but that a select few elite are allowed to profit from the rigged game is corruption by any standard. Our banks are insolvent. Our currencies doomed, yet the people who are responsible are on the receiving end of QE unlimited.

Why Germany Wants Its Gold Back

It is well known that Germans have demanded the repatriation of gold from France and America, for they understand the price has been manipulated to such a low value, that masses of it have left the vaults for good, and found new homes in the Far East, particularly China and India. They can see that within a few years, or even months, the major vaults will be emptied and will default on their precious metal obligations. Germany, now one of the richest and most optimistic nations, will be transformed to just another basket case of Europe. What it has won through efficiency and productivity and quality of industry, will be lost to complacency and corruption.

How The German Banks Have Betrayed the German People

Given that a gold default is due, with COMEX potentially defaulting in the Summer of 2014, the nation should be hoarding precious metals, stopping any from leaving its borders, via a policy that does not create an underground exodus. The most honest and effective way to do this is to issue a favourable price that reflects the industrial importance of silver, platinum and palladium, and scaling gold according to scarcity of these metals. This would create an influx in metal from around Europe. However, due to Quantitative Easing, it is against the interests of the Elite, who do not wish to see their personal banking concerns fold for the benefit of the greater good. So while Germans can expect to see little or no metal being delivered from America and France, what little they have left is given away to the Chinese and Indians for peanuts.

Deutsche Bank Admit Metal Price Manipulation

German authorities are investigating the Silver Fix, the equivalent of LIBOR in the precious metal world. As a result, Deutsche Bank announced they will no longer participate in the rate. Note well, that they abandoned their role in the fix, only when the investigation was under way – for these are not penitent sinners, but corrupt men covering their tracks. The Silver Fix is defined each day by the collusion of players, and is the price above which they will buy and sell to each other at a reduced market rate, until the price is driven below the Silver Fix. This drives the price down as regularly as clockwork. The cartel define the price, and the market is effectively bent to their will.

What Should Be the True Price of Physical Silver

There is now more physical gold metal above ground than physical silver. The scarcity of silver is due to the industrial usage of silver, including antibiotics, solar panels, flat screen displays and catalysts, which spread the metal thinly and make it infeasibly expensive to recycle. The silver price should potentially be at parity with gold, or perhaps even more highly valued. As the world becomes more industrialized, then its value is set to increase further.

I would therefore value silver to be currently $1300 an ounce, parity with gold, or over 60 times its current value. If it were to reach this value, it would trounce gold as the leading store of wealth. Silver is more widely dispersed than gold, and so this would lead to the redistribution of wealth from the elite to the masses. That is one of the reasons it is manipulated, the elite have put their money into something that has almost no industrial importance. Silver, the alternative, is a threat to their power monopoly. The issue is not whether gold is money, but whether silver is the better money.

My Case Against Deutsche Bank

Prior to the bailout of Greece, I was betting on a deflationary collapse, and so I kept all my savings in 500 Euro notes. Anticipating bankster bail-ins and the collapse of pension schemes, a la Detroit, I moved out of cash currency and went into silver bullion, which I purchased from Deutsche Bank. I saw the price of silver rise to almost $50 an ounce, before COMEX suddenly changed the deposit rules, and that together with the massive electronic shorting of the metal, drove the price in half, where it sits at this time, at under $21 an ounce. Now, having suffered some illness, and being too debilitated for traditional employment, I was forced to sell that silver to pay for basic living expenses, and all the while, the agents who sold that silver to me were busy keeping the price low. Ergo, they are liable. They sold me an asset while covertly manipulating the price of that asset to keep it low, and thus destroying my retirement plans, amongst many others. That makes them liable in a court of Law, particularly now that they have publicly abandoned the Silver Fix.

The Degree of Liability of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank, or more precisely, its executives, are guilty of racketeering, of embezzlement, of fraud. Companies, while having person status, are not people when it comes to legal responsibility, for that we look at the flesh and the blood. I do not wish to take one penny from a Deutsche Bank depositor, but I demand compensation from the executives, amounting to the value of 25 kilograms of silver, the mass matching the bullion I was forced to sell. To that I add 100,000 Euro to compensate for the loss in the quality of my life, as many opportunities were not available to me, in my state of poverty. In addition I wish to sue them for as much as I can on behalf of the German taxpayer, who has given them money, in the form of government bonds, and who blew such money on Politically Correct PR campaigns, as well as the fat cat bonuses of the executives. It is quite evident Deutsche Bank is playing a leading part in the political sphere, as their immigration charities are in no way politically neutral. The mass of people in Europe are against uncontrolled migration, and it is a travesty that their wealth is squandered on a cause that is so detrimental to their way of life. Yet another area in which Deutsche Bank takes money and treats the source with contempt. I wish to sue the executives for at least 2.5 million Euros, the winnings, less my share, as specified above, to be distributed, as a charity, to distressed opponents of the wide spread corruption we see today.

So Where Does the Insolvent Deutsche Bank Spend its Last Few Pennies,

Consider the Deutsche Bank campaign, Learning of Life, as found in the link above. The motto says, 'Helping immigrants achieve greater prosperity.' Well that is what is claimed, but of course does not extend to those that invested in precious metals. Deutsche Bank spends the last few pennies of its depositor's money on the trendy Politically Correct cause of mass immigration in America, just as the American Welfare system is about to collapse. One wonders if its donates the same money to educating Palestinians? Or any money to Palestinians? And the Dalit of India? Do they ever get a mention? How much will it donate to homeless destitute Germans on its own turf? When a Ponzi scheme is about to collapse, redemption is not to be found by donating to a registered charity, least of all when that charity racially discriminates.

When the Manipulation Goes Mainstream and the Silver Fix becomes LIBOR 2.0.

If any of the conspirators of Deutsche Bank, or their legal team, have denied the manipulation, in my civil case against them, then I will petition the police to arrest them for perjury. I am not a fool. I will look at every member of a trial as a potential collaborator, and I will study their backgrounds and financial connections. I am confident the old system is collapsing, and a new system will takes its place. If I cannot find justice in the old, then I will find it in the new. These executives who get paid with millions from an insolvent bank, whether understanding the Silver Fix, or not, are still happy to get rich making the rest of the world bankrupt. It is time the roles were reversed.

Who Else Is To Blame

It is almost inconceivable that this corruption could exist without the active corruption of politicians from all levels of society. What we see is a global bribery scheme. If one wants a top job, one must compromise. Ergo, almost every one of the biggest banks, including HSBC, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are in on the crime. I would suggest anyone who has bought silver from these people, and was forced to sell it in the last few years should follow my example and litigate.

The Ultimate Crime

Since the result of this mass corruption will be hundreds of millions of people falling into dire poverty, each dying decades before their time, we must consider this a Financial Crime Against Humanity. We are in a Financial War, the elite versus the masses, and the crimes of this war, these War Crimes should be treated on the same level as those perpetrated by the criminals who were hung at Nuremberg. 

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